Straight Leg Rising Test


The straight leg rising test is a test that orthopedists give to determine if you have a herniated disc in your back or not. People with back pain and pain in their legs often receive this test because a herniated disc is often the cause of the pain but generally this test is part of the regular physical exam. When you go in for the test, the doctor will place you on your back and then you will need to fold in one of the legs. Then you would turn your leg towards the chest. After this the doctor would ask you to lift the other leg in a straight manner. If during the test you have pain and discomfort, it is likely that you could have a herniated disc.

You Can Do This Test At Home

You do not have to wait for a visit to the doctor to get the test because you can perform it at home. Start by sitting on an exercise mat with one leg folded in and the other leg straightened. You would put your arms around the leg that is folded in while you lift the straightened leg off the floor. Then lower the straightened leg and repeat with the other leg.

The Test Showed That I Have A Herniated Disc. Now What?

If you took this test and it is discovered that you have a herniated disc, here is how you can get treatment for it. If the herniated disc in your back is not too severe, you can get physical therapy for relief and there are also steroid injections that you can take so that your back pain will improve. Some people turn to chiropractic techniques to improve the herniated discs while others may choose to get surgery to treat it.

How to Prevent Herniated Disc

To avoid having to take the straight leg rising test to detect herniated discs, there are ways to prevent. You should lose excess weight since this contributes to back problems and herniated discs. You should also eliminate your smoking habit because it decreases the ability of your back’s discs to take in nutrients. Improve your posture daily and lift heavy objects properly. In conclusion, the straight leg rising test is a simple and non-invasive method of finding out if you have a herniated disc.


How to Prevent Injuries During Football


Football is one of the favorite sports and it is one that requires strength, speed and agility. Many football players suffer from pain and injuries during play and even training. Concussions, sprains, knee injury, tendon tears, fractures are among the many injuries that a football player can have during his lifetime. These injuries can also be reasons why football players don’t last long and cannot play anymore because some of these can be debilitated for a lifetime. Many football player always take due care during the game to prevent injuries that can lead to knee surgery and all other types of treatment that will prevent them from playing. Although, there are treatments such as knee surgery, bone alignment or tendon tear surgeries, etc. it is not enough. The key to lasting in football is to take precaution and safety measures during game and practice. Below are some ways injuries can be prevented.

Consistent Practice

Football is a very strenuous game and it requires strength and speed. It is important that players practice always and train in consistent schedules to condition muscles. It is because out of practice muscles, when forced to be active, are likely to injure. Muscles, especially those on the legs of football players should be active all the time so that during game season, players will not tire and injure easily.

Proper Warm Up and Cooling down

This is true for all players of active sports. Football players must ensure that their muscles are properly stretched during warm up before the game or training. Muscles that are conditioned will be flexible enough to last over-stretching during a match and it will be able to bear stress. This is important during football games because constant running is required. Cooling down is also very important to ensure that the body relaxes well. Cooling down allows muscles to transition from being active and stressed to being relaxed.

Proper Clothing and Equipment

This is very important for players because they are in an active state, the body should be free. Proper socks are required as well as shoes. The leg is in constant use, therefore players should ensure they wear footwear and socks that allows proper circulation. When there is proper circulation, there is less pain and the leg can be stretched properly to meet speed and force demand.

Conducting a Proper Evaluation

Physician evaluation and recommendation is very important. Players that are not physically well will not be allowed to play because complications can occur during a game. Most football players have a thorough physical examination before game season to ensure they are fit and well to play.