At Long Last…Double Knee Replacements

Knee replacement is an excellent option in cases like my dad.

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My dad has been dealing with knee pain for years. After finally convincing him to see an orthopedic knee surgeon, we’re on our way to what will hopefully be a recovery from the pain by having knee replacement surgery in both knees.

One of the most difficult pieces of this whole process was to convince him of the need to see a surgeon. If you’re like me, and have a parent who is dealing with physical issues, you’ll commiserate that they often just want to ignore the problem until it gets to a point where they just cannot ignore it any longer.

This started for my dad about a year ago when both knees gave out on him and he fell and suffered a concussion. After recovering, from the head injury, it was time to figure out what was going on with his knees; thus started the process of finding the right knee replacement surgeon.

After more than a dozen appointments with a plethora of MRIs, X-rays, and CT scans, we finally got word that this was all just part of the aging process, but could be relieved with knee replacements. At first, my dad was so stuck in the idea of having an artificial joint in his body, he would not even consider the idea. But then be knee pain just kept getting worse.

Finally, last week, with the pain being so bad he could barely stand it, he decided to finally give in to the knee replacement and called the doctor to schedule his appointment. Right now he’s scheduled for a double knee replacement for just after the New Year.

I’ve known several people how have had double knee replacements. In some cases, the knee replacement provides immediate relief. For others, the knee replacement made the pain worse, and they’ve undergone months, and sometimes years of physical therapy and recovery.  I can only hope my dad’s knee replacement will be on the easier side, and he’ll be much more mobile…and in a better mood…after the replacement surgery.

All positive thoughts for my dad over the next couple of weeks are much appreciated.